Diamond Caverns Resort and Golf Club, KY

Mammoth Caves

When staying in Kentucky you find that you are staying in the land of the caves! Our campground was even in Mammoth National Park and rumor is this is one of the most underrated national parks, so we had to see it. 412 miles have been discovered thus far making this the largest known cave system in the world. Goodness has this cave been around the block too. Used over 4000 years ago by prehistoric humans, in the civil war as a source of salt petre and more, now a stunning national park. They are not doing guided tours right now but are hoping to start up again soon. The three we are most interested are the lantern, river Styx and domes and dripstones tours.

Lost River Cave Tour

Lost River boat tour was such a unique way to see a cave. The property is full of hikes, ziplines, a butterfly habitat and of course the Lost River cave. Once a mill and even unapproved city dump has been renewed and now available for a once in a lifetime experience of a boat tour in a cave. Another must stop when in Bowling Green.

Kentucky Downunder

Kangaroos in Kentucky? There sure are! One of the most fun zoos I have been to in a long time, Kentucky Downunder! Peacocks, giant tortoise, lemurs, dingoes, wallabies, and a kangaroo petting zoo. This is the best place to experience Australia’s adorable wildlife without all the nasty creepy crawlies the land down under has to offer.

Abraham Lincoln’s Birthplace NHP

Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president was born on a farm called Sinking Springs in Kentucky in 1909. The first Lincoln Memorial sits on the grounds of Abraham Lincoln’s Birthplace NHP, with some hiking trails and a small museum.  There really isn’t much to this park but knowing that you are visiting one of the most historically important presidents’ birthplace surely has a majestic feeling about it.

Restaurant’s worth eating at:

Mister B’s Pizza and Wings – seriously there wasn’t much I didn’t like about this place. The pizza was perfect, the wings were on point, the beer selection was pretty good and the service was great too. We almost left without any leftovers because we couldn’t stop enjoying all the amazing food. Definitely a must stop while in Bowling Green.

Nine20live BBQ after a long day walking the grounds of the Lost River Cave this couldn’t have hit the spot better. The ribs and pulled pork were cooked to perfection but the meatloaf was out of this world. Really enjoyed the staff as well another must stop while in Bowling Green.