Natchez Trace, Tennessee

Amish Heritage Welcome Center and Museum

A must visit is the Amish Heritage Welcome Center and Museum where you get a glimpse into the life of the Amish. More specifically the Gingerich family who arrived in Lawrence County in 1944.

Make sure you take the Ultimate tour, where you walk through a schoolhouse, a workshop and the Gingerich’s house to really get an idea of this amazing simplistic way of life.

After the enlightening tour, it’s time to hop on a wagon to tour a local Amish neighborhood. No streetlights, electricity, plumbing or modern amenities but you do get an opportunity to purchase food and other handmade goods on a couple stops along the way. Remember NO pictures during the wagon tour to respect the Amish lifestyle. We saw some spring colts playing in the fields, a house being rebuilt by a family and had a wonderful driver sharing all the knowledge he could fit in during the ride.

Adventure Science Center

            Nashville was only about an hour away and we knew we wanted to take a drive to check it out and explore something there. We settled on kid friendly, the Adventure Science Center. With exhibits on space (with a planetarium), sound and music, medical and body, forces and matter you can easily spend a day here. The planetarium was easily the superstar of the museum. By far the best 30-minute presentation on the Nashville night sky (for that day even) with a drizzle of galaxy and universe info as well.

David Crockett State Park

            Ol’ Davy Crockett isn’t just a character of American folklore he was a congressman from Tennessee and huge proponent for the Native Americans. He was strongly against the “Indian Removal Act” of the 1830’s costing him his re-election. This act caused tens of thousands of Natives to be moved from their homes in the southeast to present day Oklahoma via the Trail of Tears. You can hike some of this trail for about 2.5 miles in the park taking in some knowledge on the interpretive trail. There are also a few other hikes on the property, look out for the one that says WATER CROSSING they aren’t kidding. At the end is a beautiful waterfall with the exit route across at the bottom and not a friendly looking crossing either. We chose to turn back and walk 4+ mikes vs attempting a crossing with the kiddos. There is also a restaurant on the property that we did not get an opportunity to try and RV and tent camping as well.

Restaurant’s worth eating at:

Strikers Steakhouse we thought was going to be a run of the mill steakhouse, but they had a twist for us, Salmon and Sirloin Orleans that were scrumdiddlyumptious.

Legends Express was exactly what we needed after a hike that went about 4 miles past what we were expecting. BBQ pork, brisket, chicken are all delish and don’t forget the chess pie and banana pudding!