About Us

Hi, We are the RoadRabers

Get to know James

?⠀Hi, I’m James, born in Colorado but spent most of my life in Arizona. Occupation: Dad, Transportation Specialist, Mr. Fix It,Website Manager.

??I joined the Army when I was 22 to serve my country and as a way to remove myself from a path I didn’t want to go down. After getting out of the Army I went back to school and recieved an Associate’s in Diesel and Industrustrial Technologies. I’m 100% an introvert but love to push my boundaries and being on the road has been huge in helping me grow as a person.

?I love to do things with my hands. Doesn’t matter if it’s wood, metal, cars…. etc. If it keeps my hands (and mind) busy, I’m a happy man.

?I’m somewhat of a fitness fanatic and really enjoying finding creative ways to stay fit. Being on the road presents new road blocks from week to week and navigating that to include some form of fitness important to me.

James Random Question Interview:⠀⠀What weird food combinations do you really enjoy?⠀I love wilted spinach in vinegar. Honestly I love healthy food! ⠀

What food have you never eaten but would really like to try?Crawfish and Lionfish, I love to try new foods. We recently tried alligator while in Louisiana and loved it. ⠀

What are some red flags to watch out for in daily life?Not planning enough. When you fail to plan you plan to fail. But at the same time don’t overplan so that you are stressed when something doesn’t go right. ⠀⠀

What’s your cure for a brain freeze?⠀Push your thumb or tongue to the roof of your mouth. Works every time! ⠀

What’s your favorite quote?⠀”The more I learn, the less I know”

Get to know Kelly

I’m Kelly, an Arizona native that absolutely loves the outdoors. Get me outside to hike, kayak, play at the beach, forage in the forest…. It all makes me happy. I’m also a people person at heart and love being surrounded by friends, good food and good music.

Occupation: Mom, Nail Slinger, Dreamer, Social Media Manager, Navigator.

Kelly Random Question Interview: ⠀

?What creature do you wish actually existed?The Phoenix, there’s something so intriguing to me about being reborn and serving another purpose. ⠀

?If You Were To Play A Song You Love Right Now, What Would It Be? Anything by Kane Brown! ⠀?

What’s Your Favorite Pizza Topping? Sausage! I love sausage on my pizza but we never get it cause I’m the only one in the family that likes it on pizza.

?️What outdoor activity haven’t you tried, but would like to?Paddle boarding! Hoping I can check that off in Florida or in the UP. ⠀

?What’s your favorite drink?⠀I love water, kombucha, hard ciders and painkillers if I’m getting really crazy!

Get to know Raegan

Raegan is the oldest of the Raber children, she is also the only one to be born in a hospital. Raegan entered this world on October 05, 2011 shortly after we bought our first house.
She started kindergarten a little later due to her October birthday. During kindergarten, her class cycled through 5 teachers in that one year, needless to say we felt a new school was in order. While in first grade, at a new school, she consistently came home with 3+ hours of “homework” a night that we had to help her with. We knew something had to change, shortly after winter break, we decided homeschooling would be the best option. The greatest academic struggles she faced has been reading and comprehension, since her homeschool/unschooling journey has been unfolding she has become a strong reader, even reading above her grade level now.
Since becoming a RoadRaber, Raegan has found a new love for the outdoors and the activities that it has to offer. She loves to sit outside and read, go explore with and without her brothers, hiking, biology is quickly becoming some of her biggest interests with an emphasis on plants and animals that we can use.

Reagan’s Favorite: as of 12-2020
Colors are Pink and Purple
School are subjects are art and playtime
Pastimes are hiking, climbing trees, walks, reading and kindle
Animals is turtles, she likes the fact that they take their home everywhere they go and that they can lay 100+ eggs per clutch and can lay more than one clutch in a season and can have up to 8 seasons in a year.
Places is the Grand Canyon with Rainbow Basin and Joshua Tree Forest being runners up.

Get to know Grant

Grant, the middle of 3 children, was born at home barley holding out long enough for the midwife to arrive being born in our master bathroom tub. He has been ready to go ever since, started walking at 6 months, started talking and signing early, basically just ahead of the curve.

Grant is excelling at his kindergarten academics, bordering into 1st grade trying to catch up to his sister. This kid makes coding and math look like… child’s play. He keeps up on hikes and even carries his own water pack. Keep your eye on this one!

We can also be a little worried because Grant would like to be clothes sometimes so he can have a dryer ride and super excited for his birthday!

Grants’s Favorite: as of 12-2020

Colors is rainbow

School are math and coding

Pastimes are ride his bike, explore and climbing

Animals is snake, especially the nighttime ones.

Place is beach

GEt to know Lyndon

Lyndon the youngest of the 3 also born at home but on his own timing. He made the midwife come twice with the first being a false alarm for 12 hours on the midwife’s birthday. The real delivery was a special moment with Raegan being the one who delivered and was first to touch baby Lyndon during a home water birth.

This kid is 100 percent 3 years old and extraordinarily strong willed, but one of the sweetest kids I know as well. A true sour patch kid…

Lyndon’s Favorite: as of 12-2020

Colors is Green

School subjects are coloring and building

Pastimes are riding scooter, watching Octonauts and being with brother and sister


 We are the Rabers and we’re glad you are here! After years of talking about the day when we would travel and show our kids all the places we’ve dreamed of going, we decided to make our dreams a reality.

Before our journey even started, as we were telling people our plans they would get excited! We would get questions about how to follow our journey and wanting to hear more about the places we were planning to go. Enter – our Blog and social media presence! We are just learning so please be patient but feel free to find us on youtubeinstagram and facebook as well!.

We look forward to sharing what this amazing country has to offer